What is the Weather Like in New Smyrna Beach, FL?

New Smyrna Beach weather is idyllic regardless of what time of year you choose to visit. Both tourists and locals alike agree that the weather in the area is some of the best weather found in all of Florida. Just like many popular destinations, both the temperature and rainfall do fluctuate depending on the season but worry not! We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand the weather in New Smyrna Beach, FL regardless of when you visit. Just remember that New Smyrna Beach condo rentals fill up fast during fantastic weather!

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Spring in New Smyrna Beach is when temperatures start to tick upwards. Average temperature highs range from 72 degrees to 84 degrees with the lows ranging from 58 degrees to 72 degrees. Rainfall also starts to tick upwards during this period of the year. Average monthly rainfall will range from 3 inches at the beginning of spring to 4.2 inches by the end of spring. With the increase in rain also comes an increase in cloud coverage. Towards the end of the season, the days will typically become cloudier with the skies being clear approximately 50% of the time.


Summer in New Smyrna Beach is the height of tourism season! Not only is tourism at its highest point, but so is the temperature. Average temperature highs will range from 84 degrees to almost 90 degrees with the average lows ranging from 72 degrees to 76 degrees. Average monthly rainfall is also at its highest point with rainfall ranging from 4.2 inches to almost 6 inches per month. Just like spring, the cloudiness also increases due to increased rain. 


Fall in New Smyrna Beach is perfect for those looking for cooler temperatures and a bit less tourism traffic. Average temperature highs for the area will range from 84 degrees to 72 degrees with the lows ranging from 74 degrees to 60 degrees. In the earlier portion of fall, the water is still more than warm enough to enjoy a swim even if the air temperature is a bit cooler! The area transitions to the dry season during this period with the average monthly rainfall going from about 4.2 inches per month to 1.9 inches per month. With this comes sunnier days!


Winter in New Smyrna Beach is some of the most stable weather all year! Average temperature highs hover close to 70 degrees with the lows ranging from 50 degrees to 60 degrees. Not only is the temperature fairly stable, but so is the rainfall. Rainfall will range between 2 to 3 inches per month. Despite the sun setting earlier, tons of sunshine is received throughout the day. This period of the year has the longest average of clear skies as opposed to being cloudy or overcast. Because of this, you can sunbathe longer during winter despite the day being shorter.

As you can see, the weather in New Smyrna Beach does range quite a bit throughout the year, but it is always pleasant! Because of this, the beach remains a popular destination regardless of the season. If you are thinking of visiting the area, why not book with us? Here at New Smyrna Beach Vacation Rentals, we are ready to serve you! Our dedicated staff is well-equipped to help you make lifelong memories. As a bonus, our New Smyrna Beach condos are conveniently located near all the best attractions! Give us a call today, or visit us online, to get started and book the vacation home of your dreams.