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TeemingVR Rental Terms and Conditions

Florida, USA


Reservation Agreement. Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that the moment Guests provide their credit card and reservation information, they have accepted the TeemingVR Rental Terms and Conditions for renting and are obligated by those Terms and Conditions, which include our cancellation policy. TeemingVR is authorized to charge said credit card for the Reservation Down-Payment. This Down-Payment varies depending on the property, rental fees, and length of stay. The minimum Down-Payment is reflected on your booking in the Initial Payment Due and includes a nonrefundable Booking Fee. Typically, the minimum Down-Payment is $500 plus the Booking Fee or 100% of the total reservation charge. For all reservations of 28 days or more, the Down-Payment is $1000 or 25% of the total rental fee, whichever is greater. Note this is a Reservation Down-Payment and NOT a Security Deposit. The specific payment terms are included in the Reservation Confirmation.

Forms of Payment Accepted. Reservation Down-Payment must be made on Guests’ credit card. Rental Properties can be booked online with a major credit card. The Guests’ credit card must have an expiration date that extends beyond the Guests’ stay. The remaining balance is payable by “cash” (i.e. personal check, cashier’s check, certified bank check, or money order) to take advantage of the cash discount (5% discount); or by credit card (no cash discount). The total quoted is the no cash discount price. If you pay the remaining balance via “cash”, you will receive the cash discount price and the “No Cash Discount Adj” fee will be removed. If a check, money order, certified bank check, or cashier’s check is not received by the balance due date the remaining balance will be automatically charged to your credit card. By authorizing the rental down payment on your credit card, you are authorizing TeemingVR to charge your credit card on file for the total charges on the balance due date if a check, money order, certified bank check, or cashier’s check has not been received. For reservations made within 30 days of your check-in date, payment will be collected in full at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy. Our cancellation policy, whether paying by credit card or check is the following: The Guest has 24 hours from making the reservation to cancel the booking for a full refund. However, this waiver of the cancellation fee is not extended to last-minute reservations defined as those made less than 2 weeks before the arrival date. After 24 hours from the booking time, the deposit amount or total paid to date is forfeited as the cancellation fee. No refunds are issued for early departure and/or evictions. Since all payments after the said 24 hours are nonrefundable, we highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance, which is just 6.95% of your trip cost and the only way to compensate Guest for trip cancellation. Written notice of cancellation, via email, at least 90 days before arrival for 4 Weeks or longer guests, and 30 days before arrival for reservations of less than a month is required. Please use an email program that requires a delivery and read receipt for your protection. TeemingVR has the right to cancel and open the unit up for rental if there is an unpaid balance within 30 days before arrival.  If you do not receive a Cancellation Confirmation within 48 hours of notifying us, please contact us immediately. Please note, the property will be placed back on the rental market once cancellation is confirmed.

Limited COVID-19 Cancellation Policy. This temporary policy allows for modifications to our standard policies for reservations made on or before March 14, 2020 with a stay date between March 14 and June 30, 2020. After the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. Please note for all new reservations and bookings made after March 14, 2020, TeemingVR’s standard cancellation policies apply. These reservations will not be covered under our Limited COVID-19 Cancellation Policy. This policy is intended to protect Guests from unforeseen circumstances that arise after booking. Please remember to carefully review our cancellation policy when booking. TeemingVR highly recommends Guests purchase Travel Insurance, which would cover unforeseen events such as illness, flight cancellation, job loss and much more.

Things that are beyond our control. TeemingVR staff works very hard to ensure Guests’ stay is pleasant. However, there are things out of our control, and we cannot guarantee against such things. Examples of things beyond our control would include breakdown of air conditioners, TVs, VCRs, electronics and any appliances, interruptions of utilities, internet access, disturbances on nearby properties, construction noise, power or water outages, virus, pandemics, lightning, rain, flood, red tide, inclement weather, or other natural disasters/acts of nature, etc. Guests are asked to please report any inoperative equipment to our office promptly, so we can make every reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently. The cancellation loss due to inclement weather such as hurricanes may be avoided if “Travel Insurance” is purchased. We strongly encourage your purchase of Travel Coverage.

Termination by Owner. Should there be changes due to ownership transfers, properties being removed from rental use, or other unforeseen circumstances which make the property unrentable, Guests shall not hold TeemingVR liable. In such cases, Guests will be relocated to a comparable property. If no comparable properties are available, Guests will receive a full refund.

Guest Assume Responsibility for Their Choice. Rental Property is individually owned. TeemingVR has described the Rental Property in detail to the best of our ability (both in the property description and with a large volume of actual photographs). We attempt to guide Guests, but we cannot make the decision for them and will not be responsible if guests are not happy with their choice on arrival. The rent will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to another location.

Check-In and Check-Out. Guests’ Reservation Confirmation will be emailed after the Reservation Down-Payment has been paid. The week of the Guests’ arrival date, Check-In Documents will be emailed to Guests. This will include instructions on how to obtain keys to Rental Property. The majority of TeemingVR properties are equipped with a digital key access lock and/or a LockBox, and the code will be provided in the Check-In Documents. TeemingVR is not responsible for Guests’ inability to locate Rental Property, work digital key access lock, or operate LockBox. Check-in is after 4:00 pm, Check-Out is before 10:00 am. Please note that the keyless entry locks are programmed to open exactly at 4:00 pm. The access code is time activated and will not open the door prior to this time. Guest, along with their entire party must vacate the property by 10:00 am, leaving the keys (along with pool tags & parking passes if applicable) on the kitchen counter and the spare key in the LockBox (if the specific property is equipped with keys). Failure to Check-Out on time could result in a $50-$100 late fee. Guests will be charged a $100 for lost keys, $40 per tag for lost pool tags, and $50 per pass for lost parking passes (permanent type). If applicable, these Items will be immediately charged since they need to be available when the next guest arrives. All Rental Properties are cleaned and inspected upon Guests’ departure and any additional charges are included in their total rental fee. Late Check-Outs result in Guests being charged for a ½ day and departures later than 5:00 pm will be charged a full day’s rental rate.

Property Damage. To provide Guests with the best possible vacation experience, TeemingVR asks to be notified of all damages to the Property upon arrival. Any damage noticed by Guests upon arrival should be reported immediately to TeemingVR to avoid being erroneously charged for the repair. An active credit card on file is required to maintain both the reservation and the integrity of the Property. By accepting TeemingVR Rental Terms and Conditions, Guests waive their right to dispute any charges that are made to their credit card regarding this policy. Guests become financially responsible for damage to the Property and its contents (with obvious exclusions such as losses due to Acts of God and normal wear & tear) from the date and time of Check-In to the date and time of Check-Out.

Damage Waiver or Security Deposit. When Guests’ reservation is made online, the Damage Waiver is automatically charged. If Guests choose to purchase a Security Deposit in lieu of the waiver, they may contact TeemingVR and the applicable adjustments will be made to their booking.

Guests must select between 2 options when booking a Rental Property:

If a non-refundable limited Damage Waiver (which is defined as a sudden and accidental event that causes property damage) is selected, then a property and duration specific fee is added to the total reservation charge. This is a non-insured product and protects the Guests from being charged for a portion of accidental loss or damage that may occur during their occupancy. This does not include damage to the Vacation Property that is intentional, deliberate, or as a result of negligent and/or illegal behavior. The Damage Waiver does not replace or negate Guests’ responsibility for all members of their party and visiting guests as the primary renter.  The Damage Waiver is forfeited if the Guests fail to comply with the Terms of this Rental agreement; such as have an unauthorized pet, exceed the maximum occupancy of the Property, non-compliance to Property specific parking limits or fail to notify TeemingVR of damage PRIOR to their departure. Any fees attributable to damages and/or expenses not covered under Damage Waiver that are discovered after departure will be charged to Guests’ credit card.  Such damages and/or expense not covered by waiver include damage due to misuse, excess laundry charge, additional cleaning charge if Property left excessively dirty, long-distance telephone charges, linens that are damaged or missing, charges resulting from eviction of the Guest by TeemingVR, the local law enforcement and/or Security Company and any additional services requested during occupancy. With this selection, the original Reservation Down-Payment is applied to the balance due when the final reservation payment is made by Guests. In the event that the Guests accidentally damages any real or personal property, the Damage Waiver will reimburse the private rental property owner for up to $1,000. Guests remain responsible for any accidental damage over $1,000 and hereby agree that any amounts over $1,000 will be charged to their credit card. At this point Guests should make a claim on their home insurance policy under the coverage “Damage To Property Of Others” and the coverage is usually up to $1,000. Once again, note that Damage Waiver does not include intentional damage. We require notification of any damages PRIOR to Guest’s departure. The Damage Waiver is offered, administered, and funded by TeemingVR and we are solely authorized to determine the nature, extent, and expense associated with any damage.

Effective Dates: The Damage Waiver will take effect on the date and time Guests Check-In as registered Guests at the Rental Property, provided the appropriate waiver has been paid by Check-In. Termination Dates: The Damage Waiver will end on the normal Check-Out time on Guests’ scheduled Check-Out date from the Rental Property. In no event will protection be provided for a Stay longer than 180 days from the date of Check-In as a registered guest at a Rental Property.



Damage Waiver benefits will not be provided for any damage due to:

(a) Natural Disaster; (b) intentional acts of Guests or guest of Guests; (c) negligence, willful and wanton conduct by Guests or guest of Guests; (d) any cause, if Guests does not report the damage to the TeemingVR staff PRIOR to the Termination Date; (e) normal wear and tear of the Rental Property unit; (f) loss of use of the Rental Property unit; (g) theft or damage to any property owned by or brought by Guests onto the Rental Property premises; (h) theft or damage caused by anyone visiting other than rental Guests; (i) theft without a valid police report; (j) damage without a valid police report unless the damage is caused by Guests; (k) damage or theft in a Rental Property if the number of persons occupying the unit exceeds that unit’s occupancy limit; (l) damage due to pet brought on premises during Guests’ occupancy .

Guests may elect to post a Rental Property specific Security Deposit that will be retained for approximately fifteen days from their departure from Rental Property. Release of the deposit to Guests shall be subject to Rental Property inspection for damages. Guests are financially responsible for any and all damage to the Rental Property and its contents from the date and time they Check-In to the date and time they Check-Out. Guests are required to notify us BEFORE their departure of any damages that may have occurred. Guests hereby authorizes TeemingVR to charge the credit card on file for the expenses related to replacement, repairs, associated services, excess laundry charge, extra cleaning charge, long distance telephone charges, linens that are damaged or missing, charges resulting from eviction of the Guest by TeemingVR, the local law enforcement and/or Security Company, any additional services requested during occupancy and ALL damage, breakage and/or loss incurred during Guests’ stay. The Guest who uses their credit card for the Reservation Down-Payment is considered the responsible party, and all necessary charges associated with their rental will be charged to their credit card on file for the Rental Property, regardless of who in the Guest’s party caused the damages. In the event of damage to the Property and property on its premises (such as its equipment, furniture or carpeting); Guests shall be responsible for damage costs exceeding the Security Deposit, including any associated collection costs and attorney’s fees. Guests will be provided with Documentation detailing damages and charges. If repairs are required or other fees due as a result of a Guests’ stay, all or a portion of the Security Deposit will be forfeited and/or the Guests’ credit card will be charged for the required amount. It is further agreed that Guests’ liability shall not be limited to the loss of the Security Deposit in the event damages for which Guests and/or their assigns are responsible for and which exceed the dollar amount of the Security Deposit.

Personal Property. TeemingVR will not be held responsible for any personal property left within the Rental Property.

Reservation fee. A non-refundable Reservation fee will be added to each reservation (price differs for each Property) and is non-refundable upon cancellation.

Sales & Tourist Tax/ Collection Fees. TeemingVR charges a Sales & Tourist Tax/ Collection Fees as designated on the reservation confirmation set forth above. In Florida, various taxes are charged, and taxes do vary by county. Taxes that might be charged currently or in the future include sales taxes, local option tourist development taxes, transient rental taxes, occupancy taxes, room taxes, excise taxes, value added taxes, etc. These taxes are set and established by the state of Florida and the counties and might also include other governmental taxes. TeemingVR as part of your reservation agreement undertakes all duties related to determining the exact amount of taxes to be remitted to the appropriate governmental agencies. TeemingVR charges a set Sales & Tourist Tax/ Collection Fees and includes within that fee the total amount of tax to be remitted to the governmental agencies along with service fees for the collection efforts performed by TeemingVR, which efforts include not only remitting the applicable taxes due, but undertaking all responsibilities related to the determination of the amounts due, accounting fees, attorney’s fees, and all other processing fees related to any and all such taxes owed. TeemingVR indemnifies and holds harmless the guest as to any liability for any underpayment and this undertaking by TeemingVR is part of the consideration for the total Sales & Tourist Tax/ Collection Fees being charged. In the state of Florida, the commissions paid to TeemingVR are not included within the taxable amount upon which Florida applicable taxes are based. Therefore, taxes are not paid on the entire rental fee charged to the guest as the taxes due under Florida law are only on the portion of the rental fee paid to the owner of the unit being rented. Guest acknowledges that the rental rates quoted to the guest include both the amounts pre-negotiated between TeemingVR and the unit owner and the commission paid to TeemingVR for all of its services for booking the reservation, which services include advertising expenses and overhead expenses related to the rental services being provided, not including the Sales & Tourist Tax/ Collection Fees. You as the guest authorize TeemingVR to book your reservation for the total amount set forth above, which amount includes all stated charges, including, if applicable, a Rental Fee, Reservation fee, Cleaning Fee, Damage Waiver, Sales & Tourist Tax/ Collection Fees and any other fees noted on page one of your reservation summary. You agree that your credit card will be charged by TeemingVR for the total price stated. Upon submitting your reservation request, you authorize TeemingVR to facilitate your reservation on your behalf, including making all payment arrangements as necessary to allow you to have full use of the property being rented. If you have made a reservation for some time period more than 60 days in advance, there could be an increase or a decrease in the applicable Sales & Tourist Tax/Collection Fee if the applicable taxing authorities adopt laws changing the applicable taxes due. In such event, any increase or decrease will be passed on to you when the final payment for your reservation is due and will be noted on your final reservation confirmation.

Additional Fees. In the event that Guests’ check is returned for insufficient funds or closed account, an additional $50 Return Check Fee will be added to total charges. Excessive Laundry Loads will incur an additional $20 per load charge added to the quoted cleaning charge (standard cleaning fee includes laundering of one sheet set for each bed and towel bath sets equivalent to maximum occupancy of the property). If beach towels are provided with your Rental Property, all of the used beach towels should be washed and dried prior to Guests’ departure. Failure to do so will incur a $50 beach towel laundering charge. Note that Guests are not limited to the amount of wash done during their stay only to the amount left for the Cleaning Crew. All dishes must be left clean either in the dishwasher or beside the sink (if no dishwasher) and CLEAN. They do not have to be put up but must be clean. If any dirty dishes are left, there is a $20 Charge. Guests are staying in a privately owned residence and are asked to treat it as they would want someone to treat their own home. If Guests leave the property in poor condition, TeemingVR reserves the right to charge Guests’ credit card for any additional cleaning deemed necessary by Cleaning Crew. Guests will be supplied pictures for review.

Frivolous Repair Calls. TeemingVR experiences repeated calls for repairs that are due to guest misuse or unfamiliarity with amenities and understanding of operating equipment such as cable TV, Internet router, keyless entry lock and key LockBox. Often the problem can be solved by following the phone instructions of our staff. If Guests represent that the problem persists after being given instructions, repair or maintenance personnel will be dispatched. If the personnel discover that the problem is due to user error, Guests’ abuse, misuse, or negligence; Guests will be responsible for the service bill. TeemingVR is not responsible for Guests’ inability to operate equipment.

Transfer Fee. When Guests book a Rental Property, the property’s calendar is updated online, and the time period of the reservation is blocked off. The Rental Property owner is notified of the reservation, counts on the rental revenue and gives up any future potential guest since their property is now listed as unavailable. Thus, the only allowable transfer is if the Guests are requesting to transfer their original dates to different dates in the same unit/Rental Property. In this case, we charge Guests a $199 Transfer Fee to move to different dates and a price adjustment may also be necessary based on the rental rate of the newly requested dates for the Rental Property. Transfer requests must be made at least 90 days prior to the Guests’ scheduled arrival date. After that time, transfer requests cannot be honored.

Rescheduling Fee. When Guests book a Rental Property, freshen up and/or departure cleans are scheduled, LockBox key-codes provided, or keyless entry code access determined based on previously arranged Check-in & Check-out date and time. If Guests wish to change and/or extend original reservation dates, they must contact TeemingVR for approval. There may be a Rescheduling Fee added to the total reservation charged.

Hurricane Policy. TeemingVR is not held responsible for events out of our control, such as inclement weather, maintenance issues, and general Acts of God. TeemingVR has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide our Guests with Sun Trip Preserver, which protects Guests against trip cancellation or trip interruption when a hurricane causes Guests to lose 4 days or 50% or their trip length. Coverage is also provided if the roadways are closed due to a natural disaster preventing Guests from reaching their destination. The travel insurance fee is non-refundable and highly recommended by TeemingVR. Should Guests opt not to purchase travel insurance, they should be aware that no refunds will be available for unforeseen developments such as illnesses, mandatory hurricane evacuations and the like. Please note that without Travel Insurance Guests’ trip investment could be lost.

Travel Insurance. Although this protection plan is optional, it is strongly recommended by TeemingVR. The Travel Insurance is offered and administered by Red Sky Travel Insurance and covers a variety of travel problems, subject to the policy terms and limitations. Guests acknowledge receipt of the link to the Description of Coverage, Sun Trip Preserver, provided with the Reservation Confirmation – www.SunTripPreserver.com . Guests acknowledge Sun Trip Preserver provided by Red Sky Travel Insurance is the only method for compensation for vacation interruption/cancellation and is limited to covered events. Guests acknowledge that TeemingVR will not provide refunds, compensation, alternate accommodations, or discounts for vacation interruption or cancellation for any reason including but not limited to hurricane evacuations, inclement weather, natural disasters, or sickness. Red Sky Travel Insurance offers a 14 Day Free Look from date of purchase and can be purchased up to 30 days before Check-In or until your final payment (whichever is later).

Any changes to a Guest’s situation or occurrences outside of the property rental contract have no effect on the legally binding rental agreement. Travel plans change, medical situations arise, natural disasters and pandemics occur. It is not the responsibility of TeemingVR and the property owners we represent to absorb a Guest’s financial loss or make any considerations for a Guest where there is a financial loss to TeemingVR.

Minimum Age and Usage. TeemingVR is a family rental home business and does not normally rent to vacationing college students or young adults unaccompanied by a responsible parent or guardian unless specifically approved. TeemingVR requires a Minimum Age of 25 for guests to enter into a Reservation Agreement (all guests need to be 25 or older if not a family). TeemingVR can alter this policy at property owner’s instructions at any time. We reserve the right to cancel/terminate or reject reservations if made under false pretenses. Violations of this policy will result in immediate eviction. Usage of the Vacation Rental Property for large gatherings, house parties, family reunions, weddings, etc. are absolutely not allowed. Additional fees for special events may apply. Sub-letting is not permitted.

Maximum Occupancy differs for each Rental Property and is listed on property information. This rule applies to day visitors and children as well. Unless otherwise approved by TeemingVR, occupancy over the indicated capacity may result in eviction and forfeiture of all amounts paid. Note, many of our rental properties are in condominium complexes with limited parking and cannot accommodate large gatherings or multiple cars, so maximum occupancy rules must be observed.

Minimum Stay Requirements/Association Rules. Most individual communities, homeowners or condominium associations have unique rules and regulations that become part of the Guests’ Terms and Conditions of Occupancy. If applicable, association/complex rules are provided to Guest in Check-in Documents. One of these rules for many associations is minimum stay and/or term requirements. Likewise, some cities, towns or counties have ordinances or regulations requiring minimum terms or periods for vacation rentals. For example, some of our rental properties are daily, while others are weekly, semi-monthly, monthly etc. Due to the properties’ individual rental restrictions, there is only one reservation, booking arrangement, or any other occupancy agreement for compensation addressing or overlapping any period of less than the respective rental restrictions days (i.e. 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 1 calendar month…). Base rental rates of each individual property reflect these rental restrictions and limitations of one guest reservation for the applicable time period. Although the signed lease with an individual complex reflects the time period reserved for Guest (which at the least will be the minimum stay and/or term requirement). If you are booking a unit with a minimum stay and/or requirement, you will sign a lease for the minimum stay and/or term period and you will be entitled to stay for the entire minimum stay and/or term period. Scheduled departure clean date and keyless entry code access is determined based on previously arranged Check-out date and time. Guest may elect to extend their stay with prior notification and approval of TeemingVR.

Right of Entry. TeemingVR reserves the right to enter Rental Property to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, make repairs, and improvements as they deem necessary.

Repairs Needed. If the Rental Property or any of the contents are damaged, not working or otherwise in need of repair and replacement, the Guests should promptly notify TeemingVR. TeemingVR will have a reasonable amount of time to make repairs. If the Guests must vacate premises because of damage not resulting from the Guest’s act or neglect, the Guests will be refunded the rent for such period of time that the Guests are unable to occupy the Rental Property, prorated on a per diem basis commencing on the date that the Guests were forced to vacate and calculated to the date on which the Guests were able to re-occupy the Rental Property or the end of the rental period, up to the date of destruction.  TeemingVR is not responsible for any inconvenience or interruption of services due to repairs, improvements, or any reason beyond TeemingVR’s control, and no refund will be given in this event.  Guests understand and agree that TeemingVR representatives may enter the Rental Property at any time for the purpose of making needed repairs.

Construction. TeemingVR cannot predict construction plans in the area or in individual units within a condominium complex in the same building as the Rental Property and has no control over construction noise. Guests may reserve a Rental Property at a time when there is no construction in progress nearby, but construction could begin prior to Guests’ arrival. We regret any inconvenience but cannot control these situations. Refunds, discounts or relocations cannot be considered due to nearby construction.

Pet Policy. Pet Policy is set by each individual owner and unique (e.g. number, weight…) to the Rental Property. This will include an additional non-refundable pet fee PER PET (no cats allowed). A maximum of 2 dogs are allowed. See individual property listing for information. Condo associations also have limits on pets and pet’s weight. Condo associations can evict Guests’ pet if it does not meet their rules. Every Pet must be disclosed to TeemingVR prior to Guests’ arrival and the weight and breed of dog must be approved by TeemingVR. If Guests come with an unapproved pet they will be charged a $500 pet fee and TeemingVR reserves the right to terminate this Reservation Agreement, and require pet and/or Guests to vacate the premises immediately. This is a nonnegotiable breach of TeemingVR rental terms.

Here is a list of breeds that we DO NOT allow; Akita, Australian Blue Heeler, Boxer, Bull Mastiffs, Chow, Dalmatian, Doberman, English Bulldog, Great Dane, Husky (any type), Malamute, Mastiff (any variation), Pit Bulls, Presa Canarios, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Wolf-dog Hybrid. We reserve the right to decline any dog for any reason. If any dog is deemed to be a threat OR nuisance, TeemingVR reserves the right to evict the pet and/or the party at any time. Dogs must be at least 12 months old, house-broken, neutered or spayed.

Non-Smoking – No Exceptions. All TeemingVR Properties are non-smoking. There are no exceptions, and this includes smoking on balconies or patios. Upon Guests’ departure if evidence of smoking exists, Guests’ credit card on file will be charged $500. Violations may also result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent.

Internet Service. The majority of Rental Properties have free Internet provided (check property amenities list). TeemingVR does NOT provide Internet support and/or troubleshooting. Likewise, please do not call us with any questions with PSP, Xbox, or any other gaming machine.

No Lockout Service. The majority of TeemingVR properties are equipped with a LockBox and the key-code will be provided in the Check-In information.  After checking in, Guests should replace the key in the LockBox. There is NO Lockout Service provided by TeemingVRIn the event TeemingVR has to provide entry for Guests, a $75 fee will be charged to Guests’ credit card on file (note fee could change based on location and time). Keys for day-to-day use, are located inside the property.

Lost and Found. TeemingVR is not responsible for any lost, left, stolen, or damaged personal items.  If Guests have lost or left an item during their stay, please complete the “Lost or Left Items” form by clicking on the link at the bottom of our website as soon as possible. At no point does TeemingVR assume liability for any item or for the condition of said item. If the lost or left item is discovered, we will contact you for item verification before proceeding with shipping. We will charge your credit card for the shipping and handling expenses for the return of the left item and ship your item to the address provided on the form. You will be responsible for paying for any and all shipping charges plus a $25 handling fee (consider that sometimes it costs more to return your property than it is actually worth). Note: Prescription Drugs do not qualify for our shipping services (i.e. mailing of prescription drugs is only allowed by entities that are registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration). These items must be picked up in person by the Authorized Prescription Holder within 30 Days.

Linens/Towels/Supplies. For Guests’ convenience, all TeemingVR properties are equipped with fresh bed linens and towels. Beach towels are also provided in the majority of our properties. This is a complimentary service provided to our guests to eliminate the need for extra luggage and additional hassles. (Who wants to pack linens & towels and make beds when they arrive at their vacation rental?) However, as the guest, Guests are responsible for any damaged or missing linens that occurs during their stay. (Note Damage Waiver excludes linens and towels that are lost or damaged.) Our properties feature high quality bed linens and towels and an inventory will be taken after Guests check-out. Guests will be charged for each damaged or missing linen.

All properties are privately owned and equipped for basic vacation needs. Initial set up supplies such as soap and toilet paper should be furnished in property, however this cannot be guaranteed. In general, Guests will need to provide their own paper items and cleaning supplies. Our vacation properties are self-catering accommodations.

Leave All Doors and/or Windows Closed in Coastal Locations. Due to the salt content of the air in Coastal Locations using the doors and/or windows for ventilation is prohibited in these areas. Since the salt air will damage everything inside the Rental Property, NO windows or doors can be left open in these locations. TeemingVR appreciates Guests’ cooperation in this matter as we seek to protect the quality of the Vacation Rental Properties we represent. Also, in Florida markets thermostat CANNOT be set below 72. As a rule, this may cause the coils to freeze over, resulting in an inoperable system. If the thermostat is set below 72, Guests will be responsible for repairs and/or loss of their Security Deposit. This is considered intentional damage and not covered under Damage Waiver.

Grills & Fryers. Some TeemingVR properties provide a charcoal or gas grill for our guests to use while occupying the property (see listing for each property to verify if provided). Guests are responsible for cleaning and removing the remnants from around and on the grill after usage. Grills are not permitted to be moved or placed on decks or balconies of the Rental Property due to the hazard of fire. Grills should only be used away from the Rental Property and out from under any cover or overhang. Large propane deep fryers are not allowed to be used at any TeemingVR Rental Properties or condo complexes of properties.

Additional Provisions. In case of emergency, TeemingVR representative may enter the premises at any time, making their best efforts to give 24-hour notice for routine maintenance. Some condominium complexes require parking passes to be issued to owners, renters, and guests. Guests must review and print the specific Check-In documents for Property sent prior to arrival. Bring these documents with you to Property. Also, some condominium complexes require pool passes to be issued to Guests, and this is beyond the control of TeemingVR (check Check-In Documents). Upon arrival if the condo office is closed, Guests can secure passes the next time the office is open. The individual condominium rules are in Check-In Documents.

Condo Complex Office. TeemingVR is the rental agent of this property (not the condo complex office). Guests should NOT CONTACT the condo office should a problem arise inside the unit. Contact TeemingVR at telephone number displayed on your key chain for assistance with any issues regarding your rental.

Rights of Tenants/Guests. Florida Law 718.106 requires that renters/tenants/guests assume “all use rights in the association property and those common elements otherwise readily available for use generally by unit owners” and responsibilities of the Rental Property owner. All members of Guests’ party have the right to use all amenities in the complex. No common area amenity can have restricted access for anyone based on age, race, and religion per Federal HUD Law.

Good Neighbor Policy. TeemingVR Vacation Rentals homes are located in mixed-use neighborhoods that include both short-term Guests and year-round residents. We request that Guests be considerate of the neighbors with their noise and activities. We want Guests to enjoy their stay, but not at the expense of the neighbors. Guests are asked to conform to all rules and regulations of the property (including but not limited to parking instructions, proper garbage disposal, excessive noise, pet policies…). Violators are subject to eviction. Parking is limited at most properties and many don’t allow parking on the street.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless. Guests acknowledge and understand that each and every guest or guardian is solely responsible for any property damage, accident or injury to any person or pet or loss sustained by any person or pet, including loss of money, jewelry, and other items of personal property, arising out of or in any way related to Guests use of the premises. Guests are responsible for the safety of themselves, their children, and their guests. Guests hereby agree to INDEMNIFY and hold TeemingVR, its employees, officers, and representatives; and/or Rental Property owners harmless from any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to Guests and pets, use of premises, the items of personal property provided therein, surrounding areas and from or against any omission, neglect, or default of Guests and their guests/ invitees. Guests assume the risk of injury and any related pain and suffering or medical expenses or other losses relating to the use of premises and/or recreational activities on the premises or in the city where the Rental Property is located. And Guests will hold property owners and TeemingVR harmless with respect thereto.

All amenities associated with the Rental Property and the surrounding area are used at the Guests’ own risk (including but not limited to pools, hot tubs, BBQ grills, fire pits, fireplaces, bunk beds, recreation equipment, bikes, games, and other toys). It is Guests’ responsibility for the supervision and appropriate use of these amenities. Bunk bed safety warning: There are certain risks associated with using a bunk bed and bunk bed ladder, and Guests agree that use is at their own risk. Property owner assumes no responsibility for personal loss, injury, or illness of any kind which may result from the use of the bunk bed and ladder. The owners are not liable for any accidents occurring. Parents with children should be especially cautioned regarding ladder use and agree to accept all responsibility for minors. Guests understand that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is unsafe during any type of water activity. Guests acknowledge that TeemingVR is acting solely in the capacity of rental agent for the Vacation Rental Property owner and assumes no liability hereunder. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all Guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use, as well as, the use of others whom they invite to use the premises and the surrounding areas.

COVID-19 Acknowledgement – TeemingVR has taken enhanced health and safety measures based on government guidelines for our Guests. Guests understand they must follow all posted instructions while visiting our Rental Properties. There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 existing in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and Guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. When visiting any TeemingVR Rental Property, Guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and hold TeemingVR and its Property Owners harmless.

Release, Hold Harmless, and Indemnity Agreement for TeemingVR Recreation Package and Any Recreational Equipment at Rental Properties. In consideration for Teeming Vacation Rentals allowing Guests to use the Recreation Package and/or Rental Property’s Recreation Equipment during their stay at the Rental Property, Guests (for themselves, their children, and their guests) hereby release, hold harmless, discharge, and otherwise agree to indemnify Teeming Vacation Rentals (hereinafter “TVR”), their owners, the Rental Property owners, Bungalow Beach House, LLC DBA Bungalow Beach Place, its owners and subsidiaries, agents, (“the Released Parties”), from and for any and all claims, demands, liability, lawsuits, injuries (including death), property damage, attorney’s fees, expenses, costs, causes of action, judgments, or awards of any kind or character (“Loss”) that may accrue, arise, or otherwise exist because of Guests use of the TVR Recreation Package  and Any Rental Property Recreational Equipment (hereinafter “Equipment”). Guests intend this release to include any Loss sustained by a third party through whom or on behalf of whom (or whose estate) Guests may assert a claim, lawsuit, or cause of action. GUESTS UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THIS RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT EXPRESSLY RELEASES, HOLDS HARMLESS, CONTRACTUALLY BINDS GUESTS TO INDEMNIFY (I.E., REIMBURSE THE RELEASED PARTIES FOR ANY LOSS THEY MAY SUSTAIN, RESULTING FROM A CLAIM BY A THIRD PARTY) AND OTHERWISE EXONERATES THE RELEASED PARTIES FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR OWN NEGLIGENCE, WHETHER THAT NEGLIGENCE IS THE SOLE OR CONTRIBUTING CAUSE OF GUESTS’ LOSS. Guests intend this release, hold harmless and indemnity to be as broad and comprehensive as possible as Guests do not desire that the Released Parties have any liability, directly to Guests, their spouse (if any), their child, or indirectly to any medical provider or insurer, arising from their participation in the herein described activity.

In consideration of the obligations hereinafter set forth, Guests hereby assume all legal and monetary responsibilities and risk for all Equipment on loan from TVR, its employees, agents, or the Rental Property owners as a result of Guests use, transport, and/or possession of any Equipment. Guests agree to return all Equipment in same location and the same condition as when received. All unreturned or abandoned Equipment will be considered lost and paid for at that time. Guests agree that TVR is not responsible for any fines, penalties or recovery fees that result from taking Equipment off property. Guests understand that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is unsafe during any type of water activity.

Assumption of Risk with usage of TeemingVR Recreation Package and Any Recreational Equipment at Rental Properties. Guests voluntarily choose to use the Equipment and understand that this Equipment is in used condition and that there are inherent risks in the recreational sports and outdoor pursuits associated with the use of this Equipment, such as the varying degrees of athletic talent, coordination, and experience of the members of Guests own party and/or of other individuals with whom Guests may come in contact. There are various hazards associated with these kinds of outdoor activities, including tides, currents, the unpredictability of the weather, accidents in remote places, exposure to the elements, and the actions of others. Guests further understand that the consumption of alcoholic beverages before or during any of these activities increases these risks of personal injury, property damage or death. On behalf of Guests, their children, and their guests, Guests voluntarily assume any and all risk of loss as defined and described in the above two sections of the TeemingVR Rental Terms and Conditions.


By acknowledging these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Guests understand and agree to the above conditions and requirements for renting a Vacation Rental Property with TeemingVR. Guests further agree that they specifically authorize the charging of their credit card for any and all damage done to the premises or additional cleaning or other fees noted above that exceeds the total amount paid. If Guests has selected a Security Deposit instead of a Damage Waiver, these additional charges will be first taken out of this deposit and they will be responsible for any amounts over their rental specific Security Deposit. Guests understand their credit card on file will be automatically charged the remaining balance amount unless a check, money order, cashier’s check, or certified bank check is received prior to or on the balance due date. Guests understand and agree that all of TeemingVR standard cancellation policies apply. Our cancellation policy, whether paying by credit card or check is the following: The deposit amount or total paid to date is forfeited as the cancellation fee. Since all payments are nonrefundable, we highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance. Guests agree not to challenge the validity, enforceability, or admissibility of this signature process on the grounds that it is in an electronic form.